Will that work? With signs against the pigeon plague of Altona

Will that work? With signs against the pigeon plague of Altona

“The white pigeons are tired, they haven’t been flying for a long time,” Hans Hartz once sang. In Altona, too, some people should be happy if the pigeons were finally tired. Because the birds are a small nuisance around the Altona train station. The SPD parliamentary group in the district now wants to tackle the problem with signs. The Altona station is considered a “disgusting station” in Hamburg – the MOPO reported several times on the desolate hygiene conditions. “Pigeon droppings are sticking and lying everywhere,” a spokesman for the “Buffer Stop” initiative complained in November. The situation is no better in the adjacent streets. Above all, violations of the pigeon feeding ban cause problems here.

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SPD wants to solve the pigeon plague at Altona train station

“There are a lot of city pigeons around the Altona train station as well as in the Große Bergstraße, the Ottenser Hauptstraße and at the Spritzenplatz. These birds feed on food waste and leftovers from market stalls, ”says Karola Hock (SPD), named citizen in the committee for regional urban development and economy.

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Passers-by would also keep feeding the birds – although this has been forbidden in Hamburg since 2003. This offense costs up to 5000 euros.

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“In the areas mentioned, the pigeons pollute the sidewalks, parts of buildings, benches, bicycle parking spaces and the pedestrian zones. A hygiene problem arises from the faeces of the animals in particular, ”continues Hock. As a first measure, signs should now urgently draw attention to the ban. Some signs already point to the feeding ban – if the SPD wants more to follow.

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If it works to attract the pigeons less often, the renovation of the Große Bergstrasse would also attract more attention. “To guarantee this impression currently requires constant attention from the city cleaning department and thus causes considerable costs,” says Patrick Müller-Constantin, specialist spokesman for regional district development and economy of the SPD.

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