Water cannon and rider squadron: Antifa wants to “disrupt” AfD party – candidate fled

Water cannon and rider squadron: Antifa wants to “disrupt” AfD party – candidate fled

Massive police presence in Wilhelmsburg! Water cannons and horses were brought up on the dike north of the Reiherstieg district. Reason: The Antifa wanted to “disturb” the AfD election party.

“Chasing the AfD over the Jordan” read the anti-fascists’ flyers. This alluded to the AfD candidate Nicole Jordan from the Hamburg-Mitte constituency, who has her private home here. On Sunday, the AfD election result should be toasted on the property on Ernst-August-Kanal.

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Wilhelmsburg: Police with hundreds on site

But it did not get to that. Before 5:30 p.m. Jordan left the area by taxi with an Aldi bag in hand. Presumed target: the party headquarters in the city center. However, the demonstrators did not notice anything at first.

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According to a local MOPO reporter, around 140 people responded to the call to protest in Wilhelmsburg, some of whom were sitting on the dike, some were in the vicinity of the empty house or on the side of the road. The police were in action with a hundred, including the cavalry squadron and a water cannon. In advance, she had shielded the area extensively.

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Antifa demo: participants want to follow the AfD

At around 6.30 p.m. the loudspeakers and banners of the Antifa were dismantled again. The MOPO was told that they wanted to head towards the party headquarters on Schmiedestrasse and thus follow the AfD. The police were already there at around 7 p.m. and faced around 30 to 40 demonstrators. After about an hour and a half, the AfD left the building here too, so that the event gradually dissolved.

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In the past there have been repeated clashes in front of Jordan’s house. Most recently, her husband was injured after a scuffle.