“Two-class society!” 2G kindles new Zoff in Hamburg

“Two-class society!” 2G kindles new Zoff in Hamburg

“The Senate divides Hamburg: 2G stands for two-class society!” With these drastic words, the AfD had overwritten its application for a discussion that took place on Wednesday in the Hamburg citizenship. Social Senator Melanie Leonhard (SPD) defended the option model against criticism.

The pandemic is now developing very differently for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. “The mouse won’t bite off a thread,” said Leonhard. All vaccines showed a good effect, there are almost no serious disease courses in vaccinated people. Therefore, the question arises as to which restrictions are still to be expected of the vaccinated and which rights are to be denied them further. “And the 2G option must be viewed in this light.”

Melanie Leonhard (SPD), Senator for Health.

Hamburg: 2G has been possible since the weekend

The 2G option means: Since the weekend, organizers and hosts in Hamburg have been able to decide for themselves whether they only let in vaccinated and convalescent people, who are then largely exempt from the corona restrictions. Alternatively, you can continue to use the 3G model – i.e. also accept unvaccinated people with negative corona rapid tests. You can switch between the models at any time, and the duration can also be freely selected. The only condition: if you use the 2G model, you have to register it.

The 2G model was discussed in the Hamburg Parliament yesterday.

Linke calls for a 3G plus model in Hamburg

Left parliamentary group leader Sabine Boeddinghaus had previously criticized that the red-green Senate made it too easy with the 2G rules. Fear of social exclusion or job loss is not a good advisor for vaccination and threatens to divide society. This must be prevented and the vaccination rate must instead be increased through encouragement, education and reward. It also makes sense to have a 3G Plus model that relies on more reliable PCR tests instead of rapid tests. The AfD called the rules disproportionate.

Sabine Boeddinghaus, parliamentary group leader of the Left Party.

FDP: Senate hands over responsibility for corona to business

The non-attached FDP politician Anna von Treuenfels-Frowein criticized that the Senate had passed corona responsibility to the economy with the 2G rule. She too warned of a split. An indirect vaccination pressure arises and is the wrong way to go. The CDU health expert Stephan Gamm considered the 2G model to be fundamentally sensible, but called for improvements, for example for people who cannot be vaccinated. (mp / dpa).