Tschentscher as guest, Fegebank corona positive: (overturning) vortex after the New Year’s Eve event

Tschentscher as guest, Fegebank corona positive: (overturning) vortex after the New Year’s Eve event

It is a well-kept tradition in Hamburg that the mayor and other members of the Senate get their fat off verbally at the end of the year. The Hamburg economy invites the first line of politics to the annual closing of the “Assembly of an Honorable Merchant” and then complains about taxes, bureaucracy and so on. But this year the event is still making waves for days afterwards.

On the one hand, the second mayor Katharina Fegebank (Greens) was there on the last day of last year, which is not unusual at first. However, it has now been tested positive for Corona (but it has apparently not infected others on site so far) and the focus is on the hygiene concept (all corona-compliant and 2G-Plus) of the event, as well as the question of whether it is such a good idea to go to receptions with 150 participants during the current Corona wave.

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Many Senate members stayed at home

In fact, the event was held in a hybrid format, so it would have been possible to stay at home. For this reason, not all members of the Senate attended the meeting. “In view of the current infection dynamics, it would have been more sensible to forego this New Year’s reception,” says the left’s health policy spokesman, Deniz Celik.

The other thing that stirs up feelings afterwards is the speech by the chairman of the Assembly of an Honorable Merchant (VEEK), Gunter Mengers. That he spoke there was as common as visiting Fegebank. Only the content was out of the ordinary. For example, he attacked politics and the media in a way that was of a different quality from what is otherwise to be expected.

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Speaker attacks politics and the media

In his opening speech, the focus of which he placed on the culture of debate and freedom of expression, which in his view is narrowing, he also talked about the corona measures. “It is obviously accepted what the media reports and the (..) sometimes incomprehensible conditions (..) are taken as supposedly sensible,” he attacked politics and the media. And then to continue: “Hardly anyone likes to oppose the increasingly clear, contradicting findings and the acrobatics of numbers”. Politicians, according to Mengers, were imposing wrong measures, adjusting figures to fit, and the media were also reporting true to the line. The Senators invited with Peter Tschentscher: inside Katharina Fegebank and Finance Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD) sat in the first rows in silence. When asked by MOPO, Mengers stated that he had in no way wanted to discredit politics and the media.“I did not blame the media for failure in any way, because the media are as uncertain as they are for the medical community. Should that be misleading, I regret it. “

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Tschentscher does not comment

From the town hall it is said that they do not want to comment on the speech. “As a matter of principle, the Senate does not comment on the speeches that are made at this event and does not comment on individual opinions even afterwards,” said Tschentscher’s spokesman Marcel Schweitzer. Indeed, it is tradition that the Senate silently endures any criticism of the event. If it were up to the opposition, this visit would initially have been the mayor’s last. “A good 500 years of history are certainly remarkable, but does Hamburg even need such a group of business bosses to give the Senate its opinion and formulate their wish lists? I would prefer a round in which Mr. Tschentscher and Mrs. Fegebank listen just as patiently to the people in the city: the employees, the pensioners: inside, the unemployed, the refugees ”, suggests the group leader of the Left Cansu Özedmir. Torsten Teichert, who once mixed up the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce as a so-called chamber rebel, even calls for the resignation of Mengers and the current Chamber of Commerce President Norbert Aust, who is also one of the organizers of the event. “You have caused damage to this city,” said Teichert. You might also be interested in: This is how Hamburg is fighting against illegal apartment rental

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Will the mayor want to be a guest again next year despite the turmoil? “Since there is no invitation to the next event, I cannot give you an answer,” said Schweitzer.