Traffic, alcohol outside: New Corona rules: This applies from Monday in Hamburg

Traffic, alcohol outside: New Corona rules: This applies from Monday in Hamburg

Alcohol in public is allowed again, the mask requirement will be extended to cars: New corona rules will apply in Hamburg from Monday. The “emergency brake”, however, remains unchanged. Meanwhile, the incidence rises to nearly 150.

A new corona regulation will come into force in Hamburg on Monday. With this ruling, the Senate extends the lockdown until the 18th. Most of the rules remain in force unchanged. But there are minor changes. As a result of a court ruling, the Senate largely lifted the ban on alcohol consumption in public that was introduced in mid-December.

Court overturns alcohol ban in Hamburg in parts

The previous nationwide drinking ban is now limited to certain places. Streets, squares and parks are affected where, according to the police, there are gatherings of people with communal alcohol consumption. In detail these are:

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  • Reeperbahn including Nobistor, Beatles-Platz and Spielbudenplatz, delimited by Millerntorplatz, Zirkusweg, Holstenstraße and Finkenpark as well as on Spielbudenplatz in the area of ​​house numbers 1 to 31,
  • Great freedom in the area of ​​house numbers 1 to 47,
  • Talstraße in the area of ​​house numbers 1 to 36
  • Hamburger Berg in the spatial area of ​​house numbers 1 to 39
  • Hans-Albers-Platz
  • Antonipark (Park Fiction) including the bend (Bernhard-Nocht-Straße house numbers 1 to 3) and the Schauermannspark (St.It now also applies to passengers in cars, but not to drivers themselves. If the occupants belong to the same household, they are exempt from the obligation. Mouth and nose covering continues to be mandatory in many busy outdoor locations.

Corona “emergency brake” in Hamburg continues to apply

The “emergency brake”, which has been in force since March 20, remains unchanged. Furthermore, members of a household are only allowed to meet one other person. Children are not counted. Most shops will also remain closed unless they sell everyday necessities, books or flowers. Schools and daycare centers maintain their limited offer. However, the children and employees often have to take rapid tests.

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In order to track the infection level and to better localize corona infections, Hamburg also wants to initiate wastewater monitoring. A corresponding application will be submitted for the upcoming citizenship meeting, announced the Greens parliamentary group on Sunday. Since genetic residues of the coronavirus can be detected in wastewater and the concentration of these residues is related to the number of corona cases in the respective catchment area, monitoring can be used as an early warning system.

Hamburg: wastewater monitoring as an early warning system?

Meanwhile, the seven-day incidence in Hamburg rose to 148.4. On Saturday the value was given as 144.1. The Robert Koch Institute showed an incidence of 137 for Hamburg on Saturday. The health authority reported 252 new infections on Sunday. That is 235 fewer new cases than on Saturday and 65 more than on Sunday a week ago.

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According to the authorities, 274 patients were treated in the hospitals of the Hanseatic city as of Friday. 86 Covid-19 patients were in intensive care units. The number of people who have died of or with the corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic in Hamburg was 1372.

Hamburg: 274 Covid patients in inpatient treatment

According to the information provided by the authority, 59,990 Hamburgers have been proven to have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 since the outbreak of the pandemic. 52,500 of them are now considered to have recovered. (fbo / due / dpa).