The aim is to get the food industry excited about Hamburg

The aim is to get the food industry excited about Hamburg

Tchibo, Langnese, Iglo or Darboven – the list of companies that shape the Hamburg food industry goes on and on. To ensure that this remains the case in the future and that start-ups also increasingly settle in Hamburg, the SPD and the Greens want to set up their own network, a so-called food cluster.

The food industry is “in a fundamental change”, it says in a joint application of the two groups to the citizens. Origin, quality, fair trade and sustainability are factors that are increasingly playing a major role among consumers. This increases the demands on the industry, which can better exchange and network with one another with the help of such a network. Hamburg is to become an attractive start-up location

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Networks of this kind, so-called “clusters”, for certain branches of the economy already exist in Hamburg, for example for aviation or the maritime industry. In addition, the Hamburg universities should contribute their scientific expertise to the project. The University of Hamburg offers, among other things, a degree in food chemistry. The University of Applied Sciences offers courses in nutritional science or food science. Start your day well informed: the MOPO news alarm clock delivers the most important news of the day from Hamburg and the north, from HSV and FC St. Pauli directly by email every morning at 7 a.m. Click here and subscribe for free.

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“With the new food cluster we are bringing business and science together and thus increasing exchange, innovation and sales in Hamburg,” hopes Hansjörg Schmidt, economic policy spokesman for the SPD. Both small start-ups and large, long-established companies could benefit from the “intensive exchange”.

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As an “international trade hub”, Hamburg is “attractive for the food industry and food start-ups,” says Zohra Mojadeddi, spokeswoman for economic development for the Greens. Eating is also a “social, political and economic matter that we need to promote and anchor deeply in our city,” said Mojadeddi. On Wednesday the red-green motion is up for a vote in the citizenship ..

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