That’s what the Senate says: is the traffic light model coming in Hamburg now?

That’s what the Senate says: is the traffic light model coming in Hamburg now?

The country heads agree: we have to stop the current corona number trend! At the crisis summit with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Tuesday, measures were taken to get the increasing number of infections under control. Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) then discussed the agreed rules on Markus Lanz’s TV show. Top virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit was also a guest and spoke out in favor of an idea that Bavaria’s head of state Markus Söder (CSU) thinks is right.

Green, yellow, red – the colors could guide Hamburg and the republic through the pandemic. The so-called corona traffic light is intended to indicate which measures apply to which number of cases and warn if the infection process is again in a critical range. Not only the number of new infections is used as an indicator, but also, for example, the number of reproductions or the occupancy of the intensive care beds.

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Hamburg: is the traffic light model coming?

Berlin is already using the model and it is now being discussed for the whole of Germany. “I also think that makes sense because it is visible and signals to citizens when we have a problem in certain regions,” says virologist Schmidt-Chanasit. And Hamburg? With Lanz, Tschentscher did not go into the explanations of the Bernhard Nocht doctor. The MOPO followed up with the Senate. Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer hints that the traffic light is currently out of the question for Hamburg: “We look at where the infection sources are and react immediately with effective measures to contain the infection process,” said Schweitzer evasively.

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Corners is an example of this. When this “developed into a risk of infection, the districts banned the sale of alcohol outside the home.” Since private celebrations currently pose a risk of infection, uniform limit values ​​​​were set nationwide. “With this approach, we can currently curb the risk of infection in a targeted manner.” Doesn’t sound like a quick introduction of the Corona traffic light in Hamburg.

Discussion about horror scenario

Otherwise, the TV talk was mainly about the horror number of 19,200 daily new infections at Christmas that Merkel mentioned. “If you now imagine that things will continue like the last few weeks for a few more weeks, then we very quickly get to very high infection rates,” said Tschentscher.

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He emphasized that all federal states had agreed with Merkel in the video link that limits must now be set. Before that, however, there had been differences of opinion.There was no more talk of that now.

19,200 new infections: Hamburg virologist talks about Merkel’s scenario

But how realistic is the scenario of 19,200 new infections by Christmas? It is also important to say what the worst case could be, praises virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit. Many people would not take the virus seriously in their everyday lives.

You don’t see “the dead on the streets” like in Ecuador. “What is very important, targeted measures were taken to set a limit where the infections occur at family celebrations and festivals,” said Schmidt-Chanasit on the show.

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“It’s not about scaring people,” says Tschentscher. Hamburg’s mayor referred to neighboring European countries such as France, which already have around 10,000 new infections every day. “Therefore, the message for Germany is: We are still in a position where we can react well to this development and we should now also do.”

With a Corona traffic light? Wait and see if it comes to Hamburg after all. In any case, the number of cases fell slightly yesterday compared to the day before in Hamburg – 61 new infections were registered.