Taxes for art project “thrown out”?: Zoff about a new mural in Hamburg

Taxes for art project “thrown out”?: Zoff about a new mural in Hamburg

Barmbek –

After the renovation of the old boiler house at the Barmbeker Museum of Work, a large work of art is to be created on a previously white wall. The red-green coalition in the budget committee of the north district made 7915 euros easy for it. The CDU does not like that at all.

“I don’t think a fee of 7,500 euros for an artist is reasonable, considering that the material costs for the installation should only be 415 euros,” criticizes Christopher Weinand, spokesman for the CDU in the budget committee for the Hamburg-Nord district. Barmbeker Museumshof: This work of art is to be created

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The CDU also criticized the way the contract was awarded. “There could have been an ideas competition involving the students of the art school,” Weinand continues, “but Red-Green categorically ruled out this idea and awarded the contract to an artist of their choice.”

The idea behind the work of art on the boiler house: a historical photo from 1918 is to be displayed on the wall as a showcase for visitors to the past. The photo shows workers at the time of early industrialization in the New York Hamburger rubber goods factory. In the immediate vicinity is the T.R.U.D.E.

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Hamburg artist wants to “make stones speak”

Artist Werner Krömeke had the idea and received the commission for the wall installation. “I am enthusiastic about the ambitious effort to preserve and exhibit buildings and technical devices as witnesses from the past. This gave rise to the idea of ​​making the stones speak by inserting life-size and authentic images of people,” said Krömeke in a press release from the Greens in North.

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Artist Krömeke would also like to do educational work. He will guide a group of students to create part of the artwork together.

Greens in Hamburg-Nord stand behind the work of art

“Mr. Krömeke approached the budget committee himself with the idea for the work of art, so why should we advertise a competition?” says Isabel Permien, spokeswoman for cultural policy for the Green Group in Hamburg-Nord on the MOPO. The work of art by Werner Krömeke is particularly worthy of support because it gives the people of Barmbek an understanding of the history of their district in an accessible, appealing and free way.

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Permien continues: “I absolutely cannot understand that art in public space is dismissed as a waste of tax money.