SPD affair about the Corona party: Carola Veit a traitor? “This is nonsense”

SPD affair about the Corona party: Carola Veit a traitor? “This is nonsense”

The Corona celebration of Hamburg’s Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) in June continues to heat up tempers within the party. It is still not clear who gave the tip to the media. Apparently, there was a rumor among the Social Democrats that it could have been the President of the Parliament, Carola Veit (SPD). Now Veit is publicly speaking about it for the first time.

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“I’ve been told that there are rumors, but of course that’s nonsense,” says Veit in an interview with the “Hamburger Abendblatt” about the accusation. She couldn’t imagine that someone from the SPD Hamburg-Mitte would “put through” something like that. The interior senator has the full support of the district association.

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Andy Grote’s corona party: Carola Veit denies rumours

In June, Grote celebrated his reappointment as interior senator with 30 party members and friends at Club 20457 on √úberseeboulevard. After an anonymous criminal complaint, Grote had to pay a fine of 1,000 euros because he had violated Corona requirements.

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In the interview, Veit appealed to her party colleagues not to participate in speculation and to stand united behind the future district chairmen and the Bundestag candidates, whoever this will be.