So it is loosened: Senate wants to decide on Friday – school authorities sooner

So it is loosened: Senate wants to decide on Friday – school authorities sooner

Stable infection situation and falling numbers: The Hamburg Senate wants to decide on the next opening step on Friday. According to the plan, this would be possible in ten to 14 days. The schools could still be teaching more classes in face-to-face classes next week.

According to the Senate plan, the third opening step provides for further relaxation, for example in the areas of sport, culture, schools and universities. The Senate will provide detailed information on the next step after the deliberations on Friday, said spokesman Marcel Schweitzer on Tuesday.

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Hamburg: Schools should loosen up further at the end of May

School Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) had already announced about a week ago that from May 31st many grades will again be allowed to attend school in full presence. It is still unclear which classes this affects. When asked by MOPO, the school authorities said that they hope to be able to inform about it on Wednesday.

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Further openings in Hamburg will follow

According to the Senate spokesman, no further openings are expected next weekend. The opening steps are dependent on the infection situation, taking into account, among other things, the “incidence, the R-value, the intensive care capacities and the vaccination rate,” says Schweitzer. According to the Senate plan, there should be ten to 14 days between the individual steps. “That would be Tuesday, not Saturday,” he says.

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This is how the Senate assesses the situation at Pentecost

Only last Saturday retail and outdoor dining were opened in the city. During Whitsun, many Hamburgers were drawn to the city’s cafes and bars.

“There are a lot of people who are very disciplined. But there are also people who believe that everything is possible again, ”says Schweitzer. “As the mayor said: We are at the end of the tunnel, but we must not gamble away this success now.”

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New vaccination appointments: Patience is required

After Whitsun, new vaccination dates should actually be activated in Hamburg. So it had announced the social authority. “The vaccine is as scarce as the federal government has ordered and has it delivered, so it is not foreseeable when who can get a vaccination offer,” said Schweitzer.

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At the moment the vaccine is mainly used for the second vaccinations. If the vaccination priority falls on June 7th, that doesn’t mean that you get an appointment immediately. “We all need a little more patience,” says Schweitzer.