Snotty nose problem: children are not allowed to go to school – parents worry about missed material

Snotty nose problem: children are not allowed to go to school – parents worry about missed material

After the autumn holidays, Hamburg’s schools are threatened with the next wave of colds. A problem for children and parents – the offspring are then not allowed to go to class. But the material still has to be learned. Parents are now worried about how their children should understand the subject matter. Criticism of the school board comes from the CDU.

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“The school senator must enable all students with cold symptoms to catch up on the subject matter at home,” argues Stöver. “To do this, the school authorities must develop a concept for digital processes at all Hamburg schools and finally support them comprehensively in the implementation.”

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Autumn in Hamburg: CDU criticizes the school concept

School board regulations require children with cold symptoms, such as a dry cough or sore throat, to stay at home until they are symptom-free for at least a day.

There is an exception for elementary school students, they can also take part in class with a runny nose. From grade five, children with a consistently runny nose have to stay at home for two days for observation.

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Corona: Pupils with snotty noses stay at home

For many working parents, this regulation means that they will have to look after their child at home more often this fall and will miss parts of the lesson material.

School authorities see no need for action

In an inquiry to the Senate, Stöver wanted to know what the authority intends to do. But she sees no increased need for action. The answer to the Senate question states that even before the corona pandemic, missing classes due to a cold in autumn and winter was not uncommon.

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The school authorities recommend that parents and students find out about the missed class material from class teachers or classmates. The authority does not consider that additional recommendations beyond the “generally established structures” are necessary.

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