Rising corona numbers: That’s what happens if Hamburg messes it up now

Rising corona numbers: That’s what happens if Hamburg messes it up now

The Hamburg Senate reported 112 new infections with the corona virus on Tuesday. In view of the increasing numbers, Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer again warned of further restrictions.

“It turns out that we have to be very careful. This is also illustrated by the incidence, which is 32.3 today,” says Schweitzer. The incidence shows the new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.

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New infections in Hamburg: From this value it becomes critical

From a value of 35, the first tightening is provided. So football games can only take place with a maximum of 1000 spectators. From a value of 50, private meetings would also have to be more strictly regulated again, said Schweitzer.

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Private celebrations are then only possible with 10 or 25 people if they take place in rented rooms in a restaurant. In addition, travelers from inner-German risk areas are not allowed to rent hotel rooms or apartments nationwide.

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The Hamburg Senate has not yet passed any resolutions

“When you reach the limit of 50, you are obliged to develop a restriction concept. We are working on that, but no decisions have been made yet. We are currently working primarily to ensure that the value does not reach 50,” said Schweitzer.

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As before, most infections are among 20 to 40-year-olds. According to the Senate, the number of cases in people aged 60 and older has also increased. In the last week there were more than twice as many cases in this age group as in the weeks before (week 38: 37 cases, week 39: 37 cases, week 40: 87 cases). In several cases, the staff of care facilities in particular are said to have introduced the virus there.

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Schweitzer appealed again to the citizens: “Observe the rules.” This applies to the obligation to keep a distance and wear a mask, as well as to leave correct contact details. Overall, however, the health authorities are still able to trace the contacts “with meticulous work”.

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Corona: Hamburg is doing well in comparison

Despite increasing numbers, Hamburg is in a relatively good position compared to other metropolises. “We see an even more dynamic infection process in other cities,” said the second mayor and science senator Katharina Fegebank (Greens).

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This is due to both the relatively “conservative” approach of the Senate and the discipline of the people of Hamburg. However, this should not be jeopardized by the carelessness of individuals.(dpa/abu).