Relaxation in prospect: Emergency brake lifted: This is Hamburg’s step-by-step plan

Relaxation in prospect: Emergency brake lifted: This is Hamburg’s step-by-step plan

More freedom of movement after 9 p.m. – thanks to the falling incidence, this should be possible again from Wednesday in Hamburg. Social Senator Melanie Leonhard (SPD) announced the lifting of the Corona emergency brake in Hamburg on Monday. The Senate has come up with a step-by-step plan for this. The MOPO shows what happens next.

To release the emergency brake, the seven-day incidence must be less than 100 for five consecutive days. From the day after the next, i.e. on the seventh day in total, it is then relaxed. On Monday the time had finally come in Hamburg, and it will be relaxed from Wednesday.

From May 12th: The curfew will be lifted

The exit restrictions between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. will be lifted. Outdoor sports are again possible with up to 10 children, whereby the supervisors are subject to a test.

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The mask requirement for accompanying persons on playgrounds is lifted. It only applies if the distance falls below the minimum distance of 1.5 meters or an order is made in individual cases. In addition, those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered are treated equally with those who have tested negative on a daily basis.

From May 17th: Schools, daycare centers and museums will continue to open

After the May holiday, pupils from all Hamburg schools can go back to alternating classes. In addition, the daycare centers are to switch from extended emergency operation to restricted regular operation. This means that 20 hours of care on at least three days is guaranteed.

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Museums, memorials, libraries and exhibition halls are allowed to open; the prerequisites are hygiene requirements, compulsory testing, (digital) contact tracking and an area-based limit on the number of people.

Next step: retail, contacts, sports

If the incidence remains at a low level, further easing is possible in a next step. This follows ten to 14 days after the first at the earliest.

The retail trade can be opened. The prerequisite is a daily negative test for customers, (digital) contact tracking and a limit on the number of people based on the sales area.

The contact restriction is extended to five people from two households, not including children up to 14 years of age.

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Non-contact sport in groups is again possible with up to 10 adults outdoors if they can show a negative test. Outdoor sports for children are possible with up to 20 children, whereby the supervisor has to show a negative test.

Private children’s birthday parties for up to 10 children up to the age of 12 are possible again.

The offers of body-related services (beyond hairdressers and foot care) can be used.The general obligation to wear a mask if the distance falls below the minimum distance of 1.5 meters or by order in individual cases remains.

Cultural, sports and similar events may take place in the open air. The prerequisites are hygiene requirements, booking appointments, compulsory testing, (digital) contact tracking, number of persons and fixed seating or standing places. This does not apply to private celebrations.

In addition, selected model projects for testing cultural and sporting events indoors can be made possible.

Further openings in Hamburg

Ten to 14 days after these steps, depending on the infection situation, further openings in the areas of outdoor catering, sport, culture (e.g. theater), school, university, daycare centers, child and youth welfare, social facilities, outdoor events and contact restrictions are possible.

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Then, in a further step, openings in gastronomy and tourism should be possible.