Rejection of the Jamaica coalition: CDU boss Ploß is disappointed and attacks FDP

Rejection of the Jamaica coalition: CDU boss Ploß is disappointed and attacks FDP

The move towards the opposition is becoming more and more likely for the CDU every day. The Greens and the FDP have announced that they want to start exploratory talks with the SPD at traffic lights – they will not continue to talk to the Union for the time being. Hamburg’s CDU boss Christoph Ploß is disappointed – and hands out against the FDP. It quickly became clear that the Christian Democrats’ rejection of talks by the Greens and the FDP to the CDU / CSU was not so well received. CSU boss Markus Söder started immediately after the news and described the action of the two kingmaker parties as “not fair”, after all, negotiations could have been continued in parallel. Christoph Ploß: Hamburg CDU boss advocates Jamaica

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And also for Hamburg’s CDU boss Christoph Ploß it is clear which government option the Greens and FDP would have done better. “Climate protection through innovations, new technologies and a social market economy, relief instead of burdens, more fair performance and much more would be best implemented in a Jamaica coalition,” he said on Wednesday. The Union had previously fought for all of this in the election campaign. Now, however, all signs point to the traffic light coalition, which, according to polls among voters, is the preferred option.

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Ploß also attacked the FDP. “I don’t think that the FDP can keep the promises for which it was elected with the SPD and the Greens.”

Ploß wants Austria as a role model

The Hamburg CDU chief recently drew attention to himself because he proposed a renewal for the CDU like the one the ÖVP went through with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Austria. This Wednesday, however, there were raids in the Austrian Federal Chancellery and in the premises of the ÖVP. It is about infidelity and aiding and abetting corruption.

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