Questions and answers about the school opening: Will there be air filters in the classes?

Questions and answers about the school opening: Will there be air filters in the classes?

Hamburg’s students: get their everyday life back! It has been known since Wednesday that the Senate decided not only to adopt greater easing in the lives of adults, but also to reopen schools with full presence. But how exactly does the opening work, how are the students protected inside and how, for example, should school swimming work? The most important questions and answers. Who does the latest school opening apply to?

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For all students without exception. Starting next week, Monday (May 31st), each grade level may come back to the school in attendance. However, the suspension of compulsory attendance still applies. According to the school authorities, only around two percent have used the exemption so far.

Can the schools even afford the opening that has been scheduled at short notice?

Many school principals are groaning at the moment about the unclear situation, which has also been evident for months in the opening steps in the school area due to the pandemic. Organizationally, the school authority hands over responsibility to the individual schools.

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“We are assuming that all schools can organize a return to full face-to-face teaching in the next week,” the authorities told MOPO. However, if schools do not make it at such short notice, they can postpone opening until June 2nd – but then they have to open.

How are school children protected?

The hygiene rules actually remain as they are at the moment. The school authority admits that “the minimum distance cannot always be kept” with full class sizes, but this is considered to be justifiable due to the low incidence. The following also applies: Two tests per week per student: in, mask requirement and regular intermittent and cross ventilation.

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Will there be air filters in schools?

In any case, still not nationwide. The authority has a budget of 400 euros for each class for “suitable measures”. How many schools and classes called up the money and then invested it in air filters is not recorded.

School swimming will take place again – what precautionary measures are in place here?

The responsibility for a proper protection concept lies with Bäderland Hamburg. In addition to the precautions already in place in the swimming pool, such as the ventilation systems that bring fresh air into the building every three minutes and the high hygiene standards, there are other measures.

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“Wearing a mask in the water is of course not possible,” said Bäderland spokesman Michael Dietel.The swimming instructors should be tested every two days or even daily.

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Will there be school trips?

Class trips are still forbidden, but school trips to the surrounding area can be organized.

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