Punks should move: what happens to this site now?

Punks should move: what happens to this site now?

The alternative residential project “Wildwuchswelt” near the Altonaer Volkspark is about to be terminated: the lease should not be extended. Now the punks are fighting to stay. But what is actually going to be created on the city’s property?

A house, a few construction trailers and old sofas outdoors: punks from the “Wildwuchswelt” association have lived on the former police shooting range on Schulgartenweg, which belongs to the city and is rented to the association through the Altona district office, for almost eight years. But that will soon be over: The lease expires in April 2023 and should not be extended.

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Hamburg housing project “Wildwuchswelt” on the verge of collapse

The neighboring allotment garden association and the Altona building yard can stay until 2030 until they have to leave because of the expansion of the A7 cover. But there seem to be other reasons for the “wild growth world” to be dissolved in just under two years: The residents were told that a local recreation park was to be built there.

This is what Laura reports, one of the residents, the MOPO. “We have our peace and quiet here and don’t bother anyone,” she says. “And now our living space is to be flattened so that people can take a walk here.” And that, although the Altonaer Volkspark is already in the immediate vicinity.

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What will happen to the site of the former police firing range?

The Altona Left Party also knows the rumors about a local recreation park. “We have already asked the Altona district office several times why the lease is not being extended,” says its spokesman, Klaus-Peter Berndt, about the MOPO. “But we don’t get a clear answer.”

The district office refers to the environmental authority. The planning has not yet confirmed to MOPO. Instead, she stated that the floor of the former shooting range was contaminated with pollutants and remedial considerations were ongoing. It is still unclear whether, when and how the site will be redeveloped.

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District Office Altona: Punks should be in permanent living space

The Altona district office also wants to bring the mostly young residents of the “Wildwuchswelt” into permanent apartments: “We are assuming that by the end of April 2023 the current homeless can be found in permanent living space,” said spokesman Mike Schlink. As a result, the residents are already changing regularly on the site. “Alternatively, it will be examined how independent living in publicly funded living space can be developed with funding and living.”

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But the punks don’t want to leave: Laura has been living permanently on the site for three years. Like most of the others, the 28-year-old receives Hartz IV, and the job center pays her rent.Now the “wild world” has become her home. “We’re like family here,” she says.

Hamburg punks want to stay: rally on Monday, June 21st

She would like to stay on the premises forever. “But it would be good if the lease were extended to 2030,” says Laura. The punks now want to fight for this: An online petition already exists. And on Monday evening at 6 p.m. there will also be a rally in front of the Altona town hall.