Psyche suffers from Corona: This is how Hamburg children should be helped

Psyche suffers from Corona: This is how Hamburg children should be helped

Quarantine, school closures, stress in the family: the psyche and social life of Hamburg’s children and young people are suffering greatly from the pandemic. The red-green government factions now want to support the schools more in the fight against it.

Numerous studies such as “Youth in Germany” reveal how much the corona pandemic has affected the lives of children and young people. 40 percent of those surveyed said they experienced a deterioration in their mental health.

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Children’s psyche and corona: loss of control in everyday life

37 percent experienced the pandemic as a time of loss of control over their own everyday lives. In addition, they indicated damage in their personal relationships and fears with regard to educational and professional life. It often hits children and young people from socially disadvantaged homes or those of parents who are themselves under severe mental stress particularly hard.

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The government factions of the SPD and the Greens want to submit an application to the Hamburg Parliament for additional state funds to be made available for promoting the mental health of children and young people. The money is intended to support very specific measures.

These measures are to be promoted in Hamburg

The Regional Education and Counseling Centers (ReBBZ) and the Education and Counseling Center for Education in the Event of Illness (BBZ) are to receive ten additional counseling positions in the short term. With this, the parliamentary groups want to absorb the additional need for support among Hamburg’s students. Furthermore, additional study groups should be made possible.

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In the application, the parliamentary groups also demand a short-term increase in resources for “school social work” for at least one year. In addition, in the long term, it should be examined to what extent the health system can contribute to the costs of psychosocial support services.

“Don’t leave children alone with the stresses of the pandemic”

“Schools play an important role in dealing with this problem, since there the increased need for psychological counseling, socio-emotional support and stress and pressure reduction becomes apparent,” says Ivy May Müller, spokeswoman for school policy for the Greens parliamentary group. “That’s why we want to supplement the previous measures at schools and regional education centers by strengthening school social work and psychological counseling centers and enabling individualized educational offers in special learning groups.”

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“Children must not be left alone with the stress of the pandemic in Hamburg,” adds Anja Quast, school expert for the Hamburg SPD parliamentary group.The city council will discuss the application next Wednesday.