Politics Zoff: “You act like a small child, not like a State Secretary”

Politics Zoff: “You act like a small child, not like a State Secretary”

Wolfgang Schmidt, State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, vehemently defends his boss Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the Cum-Ex scandal against any criticism. There are often quarrels with politicians like Fabio De Masi, financial expert of the left in the Bundestag.

A few days ago, the citizens’ movement “Finanzwende” shared a post on the Cum-Ex scandal and the background on its Twitter account. State Secretary Schmidt refers underneath to an article in “Die Zeit” with the comment: “Perhaps a little more readable about the facts”. In the article, a witness exonerated Scholz in the investigative committee.

Why didn’t Hamburg claim the taxes back?

Why is? The former mayor of Hamburg and today’s finance minister Olaf Scholz met several times in 2016 and 2017 with Christian Olearius, the co-owner of Warburg-Bank. Investigations were already underway against Olearius on suspicion of serious tax evasion. At one of the meetings he is said to have given Scholz a letter.

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) and State Secretary Wolfgang Schmidt in 2020.

Hamburg later allowed possible additional tax claims of 47 million euros to become statute-barred, a further 43 million euros was only claimed after the Federal Ministry of Finance intervened. In the meantime, the bank has paid all claims, but this is not an admission of guilt, as it emphasizes. Attempts are currently being made to get the money back through legal action.

Why didnt Hamburg claim the taxes back

Cum-ex scandal: Schmidt defends Scholz

“Financial turnaround” replies Schmidt, among other things, “in the end there is in any case an incomprehensible meeting with a banker, against whom Cum-Ex investigations are already running.” Schmidt says that the citizens’ movement should ask their board member Gerhard Schick (Greens), he also wanted to meet in 2016.

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Then the financial expert of the left in the Bundestag, Fabio de Masi, intervenes: “Has Gerhard met three times and asked to forward letters to the Senator for Finance? Did he not allow the meetings on demand? You act like a small child, not like a state secretary “

Left-wing financial expert De Masi: “It’s just embarrassing”

Schmidt no longer answers. There had already been several online quarrels between the two of them. De Masi once wrote: “It’s just embarrassing, Wolfgang!” Schmidt replies: “Your typical reaction. You come with facts and evidence – and you become personal. “

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Schmidt often throws himself in front of his boss when reporting critical reports about Scholz.Schmidt would try to discredit reports with “conspiracy fantasies, horror tales, nonsense and whispers” ..


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