Politics hammer in Hamburg! Green-black coalition broken up in Eimsbüttel

Politics hammer in Hamburg! Green-black coalition broken up in Eimsbüttel

It was one of the city’s most exciting coalitions: the green-black government in Hamburg’s Eimsbüttel district. But on this Sunday evening it broke according to MOPO information. Before that, both parties had met again, but that was no longer effective. The rifts that had last opened were insurmountable. The Greens and CDU are each looking for the reasons for the failure of the coalition partners elsewhere. On the part of the Greens it is said that serious cooperation with the CDU was no longer possible. “The step was not easy for us,” said the district chairman and member of the Bundestag Till Steffen of the MOPO. However, the cooperation has become more and more tough in the last few months. “In our internal coalition rounds with the CDU leadership, we tried again and again to influence those involved – ultimately in vain.”

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Eimsbüttel: Greens terminate coalition – CDU is surprised

According to the Greens, it is primarily about agreements on applications. “If we want an application to be decided, I have to phone for days in advance and get the commitments of individual people, because the consent of the actually responsible spokesman does not mean that another person in the meeting will ultimately also agree”, complains Kathrin Warnecke, leader of the Greens in the district assembly. You couldn’t get the problem under control until the very end and are now drawing conclusions. On the part of the CDU, you naturally see things a little differently and in the evening you were almost surprised by the decision of the Greens. “When you’ve worked together for around two years, it’s a bit strange to suddenly be confronted with a unilateral decision without first convening a coalition committee,” said district chairman Philipp Heissner of the MOPO. In the case of the Union, one sees the reasons for the termination of the Greens more in the fact that they would no longer have to adorn themselves with a joint CDU alliance after the federal elections. The Greens are also currently nervous because they have lost a member of parliament. “The Greens show that in the end you can’t rely on them,” said Heissner. On the part of the previously opposition SPD it was said: “We take note of the decision of the Eimsbüttel Greens. It turns out that there is more to a coalition in the long run than short-term political interests: namely a common foundation, ”said the chairman of the SPD Eimsbüttel, Milan Pein. SPD parliamentary group leader Gabor Gottlieb added that they would also be ready in the future to work together factually for the people in Eimsbüttel.The district office chief Katja Husen, who was planned by the Greens, had failed the election several times, although Green-Black had a majority of three votes.

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