“Pimmel-Gate”: Now Interior Senator Grote comments

Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) is still in focus – meanwhile there are nationwide reports about the #Pimmelgate. Now the person affected by the house search has also commented on the events. The senator also reported publicly for the first time and rejected criticism.

“You’re so 1 dick”, it all started with this sloppy insult on Twitter. And then it was actually done quickly, at least thought Marlon P. The man behind the dick comment spoke to the “taz” and told interesting things about the investigation.

Accordingly, he had been summoned by the police three weeks ago for insulting the Interior Senator. He then appeared at the station and admitted to running the Twitter account “ZooStPauli” from which the insult was written. He was then signaled that the ad would probably be discontinued due to insignificance.

Accused calls house search “absurd”

As is well known, this did not happen. The police confirmed that the apartment where Marlon P. is reported was searched on Wednesday. “At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the Hamburg district court issued a search warrant, which was carried out on Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse,” it said. The aim was to determine who specifically had access to the Twitter account from which the insult was published.

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Compared to the “taz”, Marlon P. describes the judiciary’s approach as “simply absurd”. A verdict that many other people on Twitter came to as well. Numerous users, and especially users, also report insults to which they are exposed on the Internet – and in which the judiciary has remained inactive or at least ineffective despite reports.

Police became aware of the insult

It is now also clear how the investigation in the Grote case came about. According to information from MOPO and other newspapers, a police officer had become aware of the Pimmel insult and had filed a criminal complaint. Because the case is an application offense, this was brought to the Interior Senator, who then filed a criminal complaint so that the police could continue to act.

The opposition is critical of the actions of the senator and the investigating authorities. “Nobody has to accept insults,” stressed Dennis Gladiator, domestic policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group, to the MOPO.Receive the latest news from Hamburg and the north, from HSV and FC St. Pauli directly by email every day at 7:00 a.m. Here you can subscribe for free.

Sharper words come from the left. “Insults on the Internet are a big social problem. Unfortunately, those affected often experience that even the worst threats and insults are not followed closely by the police. It is all the more irritating that in the Grote case, no expense or effort is spared in the case of a comparatively harmless insult, ”said domestic policy spokesman Deniz Celik. He asked for clarification as to whether Andy Grote was the reason for the police action – or whether he even “had a hand in it.” However, the accusation of interference is clearly rejected by the interior authorities.

Interior Senator Grote comments on criticism

Finally, on Thursday afternoon, the Interior Senator also made a personal statement. He rejected any criticism of NDR 90.3. “As a politician or a politically active person, you are constantly confronted with insults and malice on the Internet,” he told the broadcaster. House searches occur more frequently in this context and are only consistent, and he could not identify any special treatment either. “The current case of mine was perhaps not the most serious. On the other hand, we all want that we treat each other respectfully on the Internet and that includes not being offended ”.