Patio heater for gastro? Senate decision made

Patio heater for gastro? Senate decision made

In fact, patio heaters for Hamburg’s outdoor restaurants are taboo on public property – because of the pandemic, the Senate granted an exemption last year. The restaurateurs benefited only for a short time from this exception, as the lockdown came about a month later. An application by the CDU to be allowed to use the patio heaters again this year has now been rejected.

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“The rejection of our application by the government factions is incomprehensible,” says David Erkalp, spokesman for trade and tourism of the CDU parliamentary group. Despite 2G and 3G, many Hamburgers would continue to prefer outdoor restaurants out of caution. Hamburg: patio heater application rejected

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The restaurateurs could not have made sufficient use of the patio heaters last year due to the lockdown, which is why it is “absolutely incomprehensible that the Senate is not ready to give them this option again for a limited period until the end of the year,” said Erkalp. You might also be interested in: Fierce debate in Hamburg: The dilemma about the heat mushrooms

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In its application, the CDU parliamentary group demanded that the patio heaters be allowed to continue to be used for outdoor catering until December 31, 2021. After deliberations in the economic committee, the SPD and the Greens rejected the application. In Hamburg, patio heaters have been banned on public spaces for environmental reasons since May 2021, and they can be used on private spaces. That’s why there shouldn’t be any patio heaters this year

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“Gas-powered patio heaters are ecologically unacceptable in the long term due to their enormous CO2 emissions,” said Hansjörg Schmidt, economic policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group. It was announced that the procedure last year was an exemption. You might also be interested in: Dehoga puts pressure: patio heaters are supposed to save Hamburg’s gastronomy from Corona bankruptcy

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Schmidt also referred to the various aids provided by the Senate for the catering industry, such as the waiver of fees for the use of public spaces for outdoor catering until the end of 2022. The 2G and 3G rules now also offer “the opportunity to use the interior more intensively again. “This situation makes the decision justifiable.

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