Outsourced: election debacle for Hamburg’s CDU boss

Outsourced: election debacle for Hamburg’s CDU boss

He is the great shining light of the Hamburg CDU, has the party behind him and is considered a great promise for the future. But the election evening is a disaster for party leader Christoph Ploß (36). What a hero he was in 2017 – the first Bundestag candidacy and immediately he won the direct mandate for the CDU in Hamburg-Nord. Since then, Christoph Ploß has not only become known as the head of his regional association, but also through his negative attitude towards gender issues. Ploß will now reject it himself in 2021, of all places at the ballot box. Christoph Ploß loses Hamburg-Nord

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In his constituency Hamburg-Nord, he not only lost significant percentage points and against his SPD rival Dorothee Martin. Behind Katharina Beck (Greens), it is only enough for third place. A fiasco for the CDU leader, who already thought an electoral district victory was unlikely and is secured by the state list. But he will not only be able to blame this defeat with the bad national trend of the CDU and Armin Laschet, who of course also contributed to the defeat.

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The projection for the first votes in the Hamburg-Nord constituency.

The projection for the first votes in the HamburgNord constituency

Obviously, Ploß ‘polarizing topics did not go down particularly well with the people between Eppendorf and Langenhorn. Instead, even a green one puts him in his place. Ploß focuses on polarizing topics – and is punished

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Ploß is a conservative with cautious progressive sprinkles. Few people know that he is concerned about equal opportunities, climate protection or social issues – he has even published a book on the first topic. But he is publicly known above all for occupying classically conservative excitement topics. He strongly rejects gender, argues for a more repressive migration policy and repeats mantra-like warnings against a left-wing ban policy that could afflict Germany. When setting the topic, he then refers to the fact that a “majority of the population” stands behind his demands. The majority of the city of Hamburg, this evening makes that clear, but apparently is somewhere else after all – or unfortunately they don’t know that Christoph Ploß represents their opinion.

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