“Old sacks”, “unrealistic”: Here the people of Hamburg talk plainly about the candidates

“Old sacks”, “unrealistic”: Here the people of Hamburg talk plainly about the candidates

In two weeks we will know who won the election. Until then, the candidates will fight for every vote. But here the people of Hamburg should have their say and speak plainly: What did they always want to say to Scholz, Laschet and Baerbock? And what is it that really upsets you?

For the second time we are on the road with life-size cardboard figures of the candidates, off we go in Övelgönne on the Elbe beach. The first thing we do is meet retiree Anke Ritthammer. The tough 67-year-old has an important message for the Chancellor candidate of the Greens, Annalena Baerbock – but also for all other women: stay strong, don’t let yourself get down. Anke Ritthammer Baerbock will probably not vote, but Olaf Scholz, whose calm and level-headed manner she appreciates.

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Anke Ritthammer (67) is into woman power. She tells Annalena Baerbock not to let herself get down.

But Baerbock also has some fans here. Johannes Schewe, who is relaxing further down on the beach, brings the cardboard Annalena directly onto the neighboring sun lounger. “She’s not an old man like the other two,” says the 38-year-old. The Hanseatic League sees the fact that she has not been in politics that long as an advantage: “She is not involved in all this clashing!”

But Baerbock also has some fans here

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Armin Laschets is only insulted by the hamburgers

Johannes Schewe doesn’t have a nice word for Laschet. On the contrary, it even becomes insulting. He calls for climate-friendly innovations in business from all three candidates. It must now finally go ahead, said Schewe.

Hans-Joachim Vahl also wants to make progress. But he sees the Greens as a brake and calls on Laschet to do everything possible not to stop the expansion of the motorway because of every bird.

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Hans-Joachim Vahl (73) calls on Armin Laschet to reduce bureaucracy.

Otherwise Lascht is not well received. One can almost feel sorry for the cardboard cutout of the CDU candidate. “I don’t think you will,” Ronja Müller calls out to the operator. And even when Laschet has just presented his “future team”, with whom he finally wants to “get started” in the election campaign, the 30-year-old does not see him as a future designer. The words of pensioner Monika Wenzlaw are just as clear: “Stay in North Rhine-Westphalia!”

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We rarely hear direct demands on Scholz, he seems to have already convinced many. The educator Muska Khoschal, who we meet in the city center in the afternoon, appreciates that the SPD candidate for chancellor does a lot for people with a migration background. Renate Nastvogel goes into raptures about Scholz ‘” calm and level-headed manner “.Patrick Kühn even speaks of “hating politics” because the landlord of holiday apartments had no income during the Corona period. Patrick would love to let his dog Cliff loose on Baerbock’s cardboard cutout. As a motor sportsman, he is against the green speed limit plans and the abolition of internal combustion engines. That is unrealistic.

We rarely hear direct demands on Scholz he

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Another passer-by has nothing against the traffic turnaround, but demands that Baerbock formulate clear rules for cyclists. He would prefer to have a helmet and stricter controls on lights and compliance with traffic rules. Headphones should be banned for cyclists.