“No serious policy”: the new bicycle street in Alsterdorf has been criticized

“No serious policy”: the new bicycle street in Alsterdorf has been criticized

It should be three kilometers long: the new bicycle road on Rathenaustraße in Alsterdorf, between Bebelallee and the Ohlsdorf S-Bahn station. That was decided by the district assembly in Hamburg-Nord. On the other hand, there is strong criticism: Because the residents were not included.

The Greens and the SPD in the North District justify their application by stating that part of Rathenaustraße along the Alster is already part of Veloroute 4 between Rathausmarkt and Ochsenzoll, but has not yet been converted accordingly.

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Alsterdorf: A new bicycle road is being built in the north of Hamburg

If the Greens have their way, the towpath in Winterhude, which was redesigned into a bicycle street in 2017, should serve as a model for the expansion of Rathenaustraße. In concrete terms, this means: The entire lane is intended for cyclists, so that they have a lane available in every direction.

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“How exactly this is solved with motor vehicle traffic must be worked out in the further planning of the district office,” explains Thorsten Schmidt, deputy group chairman of the Greens Hamburg-Nord to the MOPO. Because the specific traffic planning has not yet started.

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For him, however, one thing is certain: “Residents will of course also get to their property by car in the future.” Schmidt reckons that the street will have to be redesigned because it is currently too wide as a bicycle street.

For him however one thing is certain

Bicycle street in Hamburg-Nord: Criticism from the CDU

There is criticism from the CDU in Hamburg-Nord, which feels visibly run over by the red-green decision and condemns the new bicycle street as “no serious policy”. Martina Lütjens, parliamentary group leader in the regional committee, is angry: “The establishment of a bicycle street in Rathenaustraße over its entire length is a very large measure. If you want to implement this seriously, it must be possible to discuss it with the residents in the appropriate committees. ”The motion was waved through with a brief, meaningless discussion at the June session of the district assembly.

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Sebastian Haffke (SPD, right) and Thorsten Schmidt (Greens) on Rathenaustraße, which is to be converted into a bicycle street.

Thorsten Schmidt describes these allegations in turn as a misrepresentation of the CDU. It is the normal procedure for the district office to first independently develop the plans for the bike routes. Afterwards one would discuss the transport planning with the regional committees and citizens. That is already firmly planned.

Meanwhile, the conversion of Bellevue on the Outer Alster into a bicycle street has also begun.


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