New quarantine rules: This is how it continues for Hamburg’s schools

The quarantine rules in schools are to become uniform nationwide. The health ministers agreed on this a few days ago. MOPO explains how things will continue for children and parents in Hamburg.

What happens if a child in class has Corona? Before the agreement of the health ministers, there were different answers to this question in many federal states. It is now clear: In the event of a case, quarantine should no longer be ordered for the entire class. Vaccinated and convalescent people should generally be excluded from quarantine.

New quarantine rules for Hamburg’s schools

Children without symptoms who are in quarantine as close contacts should be able to end this with a negative test after five days at the earliest. The chairman of the state department heads, Klaus Holetschek (CSU) from Bavaria, said that this should serve as “guard rails” for the health authorities.

For children in the class who are not classified as close contact persons, intensified tests should be carried out “for a certain period of time”, according to the decision of the ministers.

Corona quarantine: Free tests are also possible in daycare centers

In daycare centers, too, there should be quarantine “only with a sense of proportion, taking into account the concerns of the children and childcare facilities”. Here, too, it should be possible to check out from a quarantine at the earliest after five days.

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In the meantime, 80 Hamburg doctors have contacted the Hamburg Senate in an open letter. In it, they demand clear regulations for quarantine in daycare centers and support free testing after five days. Most recently, entire groups or facilities in daycare centers were quarantined because of individual cases. According to the undersigned, this approach is an extreme burden for families.

This is how it continues in Hamburg

The federal states now have to regulate in their respective ordinances exactly how the most free works. When the new regulations will be implemented in Hamburg has not yet been determined, according to a spokeswoman for the social welfare authority for the MOPO. Talks are in progress, and it will probably be ready by the end of this week. (abu / mp).