Namesake with Nazi history: Hamburger Stadion is renamed

Namesake with Nazi history: Hamburger Stadion is renamed

The Wolfgang Meyer sports facility in Stellingen is well known to football fans. The second HSV team has been playing their home games in the stadium on Hagenbeckstrasse since 2013. The U19 and U17 are also based there. Now the plant is to get a new name – because of the Nazi past of its namesake.

Modernization work on the Wolfgang Meyer sports facility is scheduled to run until 2024. The project is expected to cost around 5.2 million euros. The city of Hamburg had loosed 1.3 million euros at the end of 2020, the federal government contributed the remaining 3.9 million euros through the investment pact sport.

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Stellingen: New name for Wolfgang Meyer sports facility

A lot should have changed by then, and not just on the system itself. The name should then also be different. Because Wolfgang Meyer was once active in teaching in Hamburg in the Third Reich, politicians in the Eimsbüttel district are campaigning for a new namesake. Citizens should also take part in the search.

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“I think that the ‘new’ sports park should also be given a new name is the right decision. I am curious to see what name suggestions there will be from the Eimsbüttel residents, ”said Ralf Meiburg, sports policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group in Eimsbüttel.

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Wolfgang Meyer’s past during the Nazi era is now considered well researched. Hans-Peter de Lorent, historian, teacher and between 1997 and 2001 for the Green Alternative List member of the Hamburg parliament, examined Meyer’s biography in his study “Perpetrator profiles. Those responsible in Hamburg’s education system under the swastika and in the period after 1945 ”.

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Born in 1867, Meyer served in 1933, despite his advanced age, as the provisional school supervisor under the then new school senator Karl Witt. According to the NSDAP politician, Meyer was able to score among other things with “genuinely patriotic sentiments”. On his 75th birthday in 1942, the fact that he “actively participated in the reorganization of the school system after the seizure of power” was particularly appreciated. Wolfgang Meyer was, de Lorent notes, clearly “a cog in the National Socialist gears” ..

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