MPs get more money: What will soon be earned in the citizenship

MPs get more money: What will soon be earned in the citizenship

The members of the Hamburg Parliament should receive 550 euros more per month from June. The factions of the SPD, Greens, CDU and Left have agreed on a corresponding proposal from the Diet Commission, as the Citizens’ Chancellery announced on Tuesday. The city council still has to vote on Wednesday. Only the AfD has announced that it will vote against it.

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The diets would increase by more than 15 percent from the current 3531 to 4081 euros per month. In addition, the lump sum for employees is to be increased so that employment within the framework of 32 instead of the previous 27 hours per week is possible.

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Hamburg Parliament: Diets increase to 4081 euros per month

Reimbursements for Members’ offices are also to increase, by up to EUR 250 more per month if the office’s net cold rent exceeds EUR 600. In the case of shared offices, this should be possible from a rent of 450 euros up to a maximum of 150 euros.

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The diet commission justified its proposal by making the adjustment necessary so that the members of parliament can meet the increased requirements and reliably carry out their parliamentary work for the citizens. (dpa/mp).