MOPO exclusive: Americans leave the Consulate General on the Alster

MOPO exclusive: Americans leave the Consulate General on the Alster

It is one of the most famous buildings in our city: the US consulate on the Alster, also known as “the little white house”. For years it has been said that the Americans are planning a move and that the complex is to be abandoned. But nothing has happened for years. But now things are moving.

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The striking building on the banks of the Alster has been the seat of the US Consulate General in Hamburg for a good 70 years. But in 2014 it was suddenly said: The “little white house” should have had its day. Instead, the consulate is planning to move to HafenCity, where appropriate premises have already been rented. But it happened: nothing. For years it was completely open: Will there still be a move at all? Or will the Americans remain true to their Alster address?

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That happens with the Hamburg US consulate on the Alster

Now it is clear: the move will take place. As MOPO learned exclusively from well-informed circles, the premises in the Amundsen House on Kehrwieder Street are practically ready for occupancy. The consulate general will soon be relocated there – when exactly is not yet clear. All employees are affected.

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However, Darion Akins, the current US Consul General in Hamburg, will probably not live to see the move – he is leaving Hamburg in the summer, when there will be a new Consul General in our city.

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Is HafenCity just a temporary solution?

And what will happen to the representative building on the Alster? First of all it should be renovated, one hears. It is still unclear whether the consulate will then be moved back there from HafenCity. On the other hand, one thing is clear: the Americans do not want to sell the striking complex at first.

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