Less money for pensioners ?: CDU boss Ploß initiates debate – and is “bullied”

Less money for pensioners ?: CDU boss Ploß initiates debate – and is “bullied”

Who pays the costs of the corona crisis? Hamburg’s CDU regional chief Christoph Ploß suggested on Sunday in the program “Berlin direkt” to re-examine some pension benefits. On the Internet there was immediately strong criticism from Hamburg’s Finance Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD) and even tips from their own party.

The corona crisis is a great burden for the state treasury. A lot of tax revenues collapse, companies go bankrupt and additional costs arise. Who should pay all of this? “There are some additional pension benefits that should definitely be checked again for accuracy – for example the basic pension, the mother’s pension, and the pension at 63,” suggests Ploß on ZDF.

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Finance Senator Dressel: Hamburg CDU is moving away from reality

That promptly caused headwinds. “Once again, the CDU country chief is wandering around with ill-conceived and unsocial advances. The Hamburg CDU is moving further and further away from the reality of life, ”writes Finance Senator Dressel on Twitter.

Federal Labor Minister and SPD party colleague Hubertus Heil said: “The conservatives always think of the same thing.” One could only wish the CDU that after Merkel it would first find itself in the opposition from autumn onwards. “In any case, such ‘boys’ in the Union shouldn’t be left to take over the helm in Germany.”

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Ploß reaps sharp comments from his own party

Pointy remarks are even made from within the own party. “If someone wants to know why the CDU Hamburg is an 11 percent party, on the way to single-mindedness,” commented the former CDU general secretary Ruprecht Polenz.

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Later he adds again. Anyone who leaves such comments as Ploß’s unchallenged is acting in a party-damaging manner.

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Ploß: “Pension cuts are not an option!”

After criticizing his post on Twitter, Ploß rows back: “Pension cuts are not an option!” What some political opponents are doing now, casts a bad light on the culture of debate. Everyone in the CDU wants a strong welfare state. “This should precisely help those who need support.”