Law against Discrimination: Berlin has already rejected it – the draft in Hamburg

Law against Discrimination: Berlin has already rejected it – the draft in Hamburg

That is “a real indictment,” says Sabine Boeddinghaus. The co-leader of the left-wing parliamentary group in Hamburg is outraged. The parliamentary group introduced an anti-discrimination law in the citizenship on Wednesday. The SPD and the Greens rejected it. Such a law actually already exists in Berlin – jointly enforced by the Greens, the SPD and the Left.

The Berlin State Anti-Discrimination Act (LADG) is the first of its kind in Germany. It is supposed to guarantee people better protection against discrimination by authorities and administrations. If people feel that they have been treated unfairly by police officers or other officials, it can make it easier to file a lawsuit.

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Leftists want a law against discrimination for Hamburg

The Hamburg left-wing parliamentary group has expanded the law from Berlin with the help of recommendations from advice centers, affected organizations and Hamburg associations. In their application, they demand “existing gaps in protection in the area of ​​public law action” to be closed by a Hamburg LADG.

SPD and Greens reject the draft

The SPD and the Greens rejected the draft and submitted a supplementary proposal to the citizenship. Your application provides for the further development of a Hamburg anti-discrimination strategy. First of all, red-green is for an examination of “whether there are legal gaps in protection” and whether Hamburg, like Berlin, needs a state law basis.

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“The current Hamburg anti-discrimination strategy already consists of a comprehensive package of measures and effective concepts in various fields of action,” said Iftikhar Malik, an expert on anti-discrimination policy for the SPD parliamentary group. This strategy should be continued.

Left: “Sounding red-green slap in the face”

The left-wing parliamentary group describes the supplementary proposal in a communication as “soft as a diaper”. It worked out in Berlin too. “The fact that red-green doesn’t even want to talk about a very similar law in Hamburg is the cheapest party politics,” said Boeddinghaus. We already had that with our application for hotel accommodation for the homeless: the ruling parties would rather reject sensible ideas from the opposition than climb off their high Senate steed. “

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Her co-chair, Cansu Özdemir, was appalled that the coalition factions were not even ready to discuss the draft. “From my point of view, this is a resounding red-green slap in the face for all the people who feel discriminated against in Hamburg – whether at school, when dealing with authorities, by the police or at municipal companies,” said Özdemir.