Laschet’s successor: Hamburg CDU boss calls for more membership

Laschet’s successor: Hamburg CDU boss calls for more membership

Who will be the successor to CDU leader Armin Laschet? The Hamburg CDU state chairman and member of the Bundestag, Christoph Ploß, calls for more members to participate in the search.

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“This is the only way to counteract the alienation that has arisen between the bodies of the federal party and the grassroots,” said Ploß on Saturday. It also has to run in a regulated manner, and there shouldn’t be a broken court. Ploß thanked Laschet for clearing the way for a new beginning, for which he deserves respect.

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Hamburg: CDU politician wants more participation

The Hamburg CDU leader is also of the opinion that a strong team must be formed from the various currents of the party.

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In his opinion, this includes health minister Jens Spahn, the chairman of the SME and Economic Union Carsten Linnemann and Friedrich Merz as well as “strong women” such as the deputy federal chairwoman Silvia Breher, the members of the Bundestag Ronja Kemmer and Jana Schimke as well as Wiebke Winter, the state chairwoman of the Junge Union in Bremen. (dpa / se).

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