Hamburg is funding new initiatives with 500,000 euros

Hamburg is funding new initiatives with 500,000 euros

The City of Hamburg supports 11 initiatives that use their unconventional ideas to create new projects in the social and ecological area. In a six-month funding phase, the initiatives will receive a total of 500,000 euros.

As part of the “UpdateDeutschland” project, committed visionaries are to be promoted throughout Germany. Hamburg has also joined forces with the Holistic Foundation and the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany e.V. (SEND).

Hamburg: Funding for initiatives

In response to the call for funding for Hamburg published in June, a total of 75 initiatives had applied. A committee of experts, in which SEND, the Holistic Foundation and the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank were represented in addition to the city, selected 11 initiatives at the end of July. The projects deal with climate protection, anti-discrimination, health and education, among other things.

These initiatives are included

Janina Lin Otto, Board Member of the Holistic Foundation and Laura Haverkamp from SEND presented some examples. One of them is the Young Waterkant Festival Hamburg, which brings schoolchildren into an exchange with start-ups and founders.

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Supercoop is also represented, a hands-on supermarket for fair products, where customers are also owners and employees. The Hacker School initiative teaches children in schools the basics of programming, while the Dialog Online Inclusion Learning Lab advocates more inclusion in companies.

Social innovations for Hamburg

“We want to continue to work together to make Hamburg a hotspot for social innovation,” said Hamburg Senator for Economic Affairs Michael Westhagemann. “Because especially in times of crisis it shows how important it is to support people who want to make our city even more livable with social innovations.”