Hamburg city center: This desolate area is now being made chic

Hamburg city center: This desolate area is now being made chic

As part of the world cultural heritage, Burchardplatz and Kontorhausviertel could be Hamburg’s figureheads. Actually – the area is mainly used for parking spaces. The SPD and the Greens now want to change that together.

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The Burchardplatz and the Kontorhausviertel are to be redesigned. With a joint application, the red-green government parliamentary groups are asking the Senate to launch a competition, the Green parliamentary group announced on Sunday. A redesign should take into account the preservation of the Unesco world heritage and the historical context.

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Greens: Burchardplatz is in a “deep slumber”

“The Kontorhausviertel is a core part of downtown Hamburg and rightly belongs to the world cultural heritage. Unfortunately, the Burchardplatz in this quarter is in a deep slumber, “said Green parliamentary leader Dominik Lorenzen. Instead of being a lively place to be a meeting point in the middle of Hamburg, a soulless parking lot destroys the value and character of this place. An architecture competition should create a place worth living here with as little traffic as possible.

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In the coalition agreement, the SPD and the Greens had agreed to initiate “a further development that finally does justice to the importance of the Kontorhausviertel world cultural heritage”. The redesign of Burchardplatz could upgrade the entire quarter and make the public space more tangible than it is now. (fbo / dpa).

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