Hafen, Hochbahn, UKE: That’s what Hamburg’s top managers deserve

Hafen, Hochbahn, UKE: That’s what Hamburg’s top managers deserve

In the corona pandemic, many top salaries in Hamburg’s public companies rose. Angela Titzrath, member of the board of the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), earned the most in 2020 again – a good one million euros. This emerges from the 2020 participation and remuneration report, which Senator for Finance Andreas Dressel (SPD) presented on Thursday.

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The other HHLA board members occupy places two to four – Jens Hansen and Dr. Roland Loppin with around 740,000 euros each and Torben Seebold with almost 670,000 euros per year. Burkhard Görke, a member of the board of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), ranks 5th among top earners. He receives an annual salary of just under 568,000 euros. More Saturday. More Sunday. More MOPO!

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The annual remuneration of top earners is made up of a fixed component, variable remuneration and a pecuniary benefit such as a company car. The variable remuneration paid to the members of the HHLA Executive Board was just as high as the fixed component in Corona year 2020. The full payment of the variable costs was not an isolated case. It happened in 44 out of 103 cases.

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Tax authorities love the management of the airport

The tax authority writes in its report that the variable remuneration is an essential part of the overall remuneration of the executive board’s salaries. The high level of distribution of the variable remuneration is an indication that the agreement of ambitious target and performance limits is reaching its limits.

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The tax authorities praised the management of the airport, who had waived the variable remuneration in 2020.

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The report by the tax authorities shows that the pay gap between the average earnings of employees and that of top executives is widening. And not just at HHLA. The goal of the Senate was actually that the salaries should be equal.

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