Green election party in Hamburg: claim missed

Green election party in Hamburg: claim missed

The highest tension on the faces of the Hamburg Greens and their top candidate Katharina Beck shortly before the first forecast: Until then, the mood at the election party in the Schrödinger’s garden in the Schanzenviertel was exuberant. Under lanterns they discussed at beer tables, the green youth conquered the dance floor.

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“Ready because it is you” was the slogan with which the Greens entered the election campaign. It was foreseeable that the majority of voters would not be ready for a green-led government. Nevertheless, they hoped for a lot in Hamburg – at 6 p.m. it was: 15 percent. Cheers broke out anyway.

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Further mandates for Hamburg’s Greens

That is more than in the 2017 federal election: The Greens received 8.9 percent in the federal government and 13.9 percent of the second vote in Hamburg. Traditionally, the party is stronger in the Hanseatic city. At the time, only two candidates managed to move to Berlin: inside. They did not receive a single direct mandate in the six constituencies. This time the Hamburg Greens should look forward to further mandates.

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“We achieved the best result in history”

“We achieved the best result in history,” said Beck at the MOPO election party. However, she is “not euphoric”. “We are very far from the claim to want to become the strongest force,” said Green Party leader Maryam Blumenthal. She left this evening with “mixed feelings”. “But we are confident that we will be part of a government and that is of course essential.”

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