Gender language: CDU Hamburg votes on the ban

Gender language: CDU Hamburg votes on the ban

Regardless of whether it is asterisk, Binnen-I or colon: The Hamburg CDU wants to ban gender language from state institutions. At the party congress on Tuesday, the move by party leader Christoph Ploß is to be approved. Support comes from the Society for German Language. The whole thing is criticized by SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz. “The Hamburg CDU advocates that no grammatically incorrect gender language is used in all authorities, schools, universities and other state institutions,” says a request from the state executive for the planned online party conference on Tuesday (6:30 pm). There should also be no discrimination and exclusion of people who do not want to use gender-appropriate language. CDU Hamburg calls for a gender ban

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Language as one of the most important means of expression shapes culture, according to the proposal. “Overloading people with the introduction of new language rules in the context of socio-politically required readjustments unsettles people and thus always leads to cultural conflicts.” The CDU is convinced, however, that language should bring people together and not exclude them. You might also be interested in: Dispute about gender – “Language has become a battlefield for identity politics”

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Hamburg’s CDU leader Ploß had caused a stir nationwide with a first foray in this direction at the end of May. Among other things, the Society for German Language, which sees the use of gender asterisks and gender colons not covered by the spelling rules applicable in Germany, received encouragement. Federal Finance Minister and SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the move against it “embarrassing”. Survey: 65 percent of Germans against gender

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But what does the population think of gender? According to a recent survey, 65 percent of Germans are against giving greater consideration to different genders in language. Infratest Dimap conducted the survey in mid-May for “Welt am Sonntag”. Opponents of gendering reject formulations such as “listeners” instead of “listeners” and the use of the large internal Is (“voters”) in the written language as well as an artistic pause before the second half of the word (“commuters”) in the spoken language. Other topics of the state party congress are, besides the reports of the CDU chairman and member of the Bundestag Ploß, as well as the CDU parliamentary group leader in the Hamburg parliament, Dennis Thering, among other things, the acquisition of residential property and educational equality. The Christian Democrats also want to deal with food waste in retail. (dpa / lmr).

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