Gallina’s successor: She is the new party leader of the Hamburg Greens

Gallina’s successor: She is the new party leader of the Hamburg Greens

Until the last second, everything seemed open in this election, now it is clear: The deputy state chairwoman Maryam Blumenthal (36) has been elected as the new state head of the Greens with more than half of the votes. She prevailed against competitor Sina Demirhan (26). Blumenthal succeeds Anna Gallina, who moved to the red-green Senate as Justice Senator after the last state election.

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Not an easy choice, because at first glance there were hardly any differences between the two candidates. Both have been active in the party for many years, teachers with a migration background, and their topics are also similar in terms of content.

Blumenthal prevails against Demirhan

In the end, the experienced parliamentary deputy Blumenthal prevailed with her direct manner against the member of parliament Demirhan. “We now need a strong green alliance party,” said Blumenthal on Sunday in her candidate speeches at the digital party congress.

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But it will be uncomfortable, you have to be courageous, get out of the bubble and also reach more the older population and the voters in the outskirts. Demirhan was more cautious and stressed that she wanted to bring all positions together – whether “radicalism or reality”.

Green party leader: This is Maryam Blumenthal

Blumenthal is a spokeswoman for sport and vocational training and was party leader in Hamburg’s largest district of Wandsbek for almost four years. Her parents came to Germany from Iran when she was three years old. She grew up in Steilshoop, today she lives with her husband and three children in the forest villages.

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Gallina’s emotional farewell

In a rain of confetti, the former party leader Gallina congratulated her successor. After six years in office, Gallina was clearly moved in an emotional farewell speech.

She advised her successor to “keep the store” together. With her work, Gallina has made a major contribution to the success of the Greens in recent years, said Hamburg’s second mayor Katharina Fegebank.

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Vice-boss comes from the Green Youth

The members elected the 24-year-old Leon Alam from Eimsbüttel to the post of deputy state chair. He is one of the state spokespersons for the Green Youth.

In the election he prevailed against the 35-year-old member of parliament René Gögge. Alam and Blumenthal were previously treated as a team because they have a lot of overlap in terms of content. The online voting must now be confirmed by postal vote.

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Green state list for the federal election is available

The day before, the Hamburg Greens had also drawn up their state list for the federal election on September 26th.Emilia «Milla» Fester from the Green Youth and the Harburg member of the Bundestag Manuel Sarrazin were elected to the promising places three and four ..

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