Free tampons: that’s what a Hamburg party calls for

Free tampons: that’s what a Hamburg party calls for

Free articles for the period in Hamburg’s public buildings, that’s what the Left Party demands in a current citizenship application. Tampons, sanitary towels and the like should be made available to all citizens like toilet paper.

“The period is political,” says the motion. Despite the abolition of the luxury tax on period products in 2020, according to the organization Social Period e.V. in Germany, “period poverty” continues to affect women who live on the poverty line or are homeless. The Left Party therefore demands: “Tampons and sanitary towels should be available free of charge in toilets just as naturally as toilet paper.”

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Free tampons in public buildings: pilot project in Eimsbüttel

The Scots are leading the way: there has recently been a law that provides for the provision of hygiene items in public buildings. At the initiative of the SPD parliamentary group in Eimsbüttel, a six-month pilot project is being launched there.

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“Such an offer not only helps poor people, but all menstruating,” says Cansu Özdemir, spokeswoman for women’s affairs for the Die Linke parliamentary group. “The free display of hygiene products in public institutions such as authorities, youth facilities, schools and universities would be a small effort for the city, with a great effect for those affected.” The Left Party will present its application in the citizenship meeting on Wednesday.