First woman at the helm: Hamburg’s leftists stand up for the federal election

First woman at the helm: Hamburg’s leftists stand up for the federal election

For the first time, Hamburg’s leftists are going into the federal election campaign with a woman at the helm. After Paech, van Aken and de Masi, the Hamburg party leader Zaklin Nastic should now get as many mandates as possible in Berlin.

A state representative assembly elected the member of the Bundestag and Hamburg party chairman Zaklin Nastic on Friday evening in the Wilhelmsburg community center with 58 of 94 valid votes at number one on the state list. This corresponds to an approval rate of 61.7 percent. 35 delegates abstained. Her opponent Artur Leier received only one vote.

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These candidates made it onto the state list

On the list, also promising second place, the left lifted the member of parliament Deniz Celik. The 42-year-old received 64 out of 96 valid votes without a candidate. Nuran Sarica was voted third on the state list on Saturday, fourth place went to Johann Graßhoff and fifth place went to Wiebke Haßelbusch.

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Zaklin Nastic’s Political Career

Nastic was a member of the Eimsbüttel district assembly from 2011 to 2017, moved in August 2017 as a member of the Hamburg parliament, only to move into the Bundestag three months later in October.

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There she acts in the parliamentary group as a spokesperson for human rights. The 41-year-old has also been a member of the federal executive committee of the Left since 2018.

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Nastic: Left should be double-digit in the federal election

After her election, she said: “Let’s fight together to achieve double-digit numbers in the federal government as well.” In the 2017 federal election, the left came nationwide to 9.2 percent, in Hamburg to 12.2 percent.

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The Hamburg Left are currently represented by two members of the Bundestag. Next to her is the budget expert Fabio de Masi, who, however, no longer tries to secure a mandate for private reasons. Before him, Norman Paech and Jan van Aken were the top candidates in the Bundestag for the Hamburg Left. (dpa / abu).

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