Exchange of blows: CDU and Greens are fighting in Hamburg over climate policy

Exchange of blows: CDU and Greens are fighting in Hamburg over climate policy

The Greens and the CDU in the Hamburg citizenship exchanged blows on climate policy on Wednesday. Dominik Lorenzen, leader of the Greens, accused the Union of only replacing the goals of limiting global warming with new ones in the “ever wider future” for over 15 years in the federal government. “You, dear Union, are the party of empty promises,” he said.

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The climate protection expert of the CDU parliamentary group, Stephan Gamm, accused the Greens of having only put climate protection “in the preliminary phase of the election campaign” on the agenda of the current hour in order to show “that you still exist in times of the pandemic “. With a view to the coal-fired power station Moorburg, which recently went offline, and the still running coal-fired cogeneration station in Wedel, he spoke of “shop window politics without effect”.

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Hamburg: CDU and Greens are fighting over climate policy

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees “is a huge challenge, but also an urgent necessity,” said the Green Senator for the Environment, Jens Kerstan. He accused the CDU-led federal government of not being able to implement the approval of the technological solutions necessary to meet this goal.

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Kerstan expressed the hope that the climate policy of a new federal government “under new leadership” after the federal election in September will pick up course and speed towards the 1.5 degree target.