Everything forbidden ?: Hamburg parties with hundreds of members are allowed to meet

Everything forbidden ?: Hamburg parties with hundreds of members are allowed to meet

Lots of people together in one room – that’s not really possible at the moment. The Hamburg parties are currently facing major hurdles. The general election is in six months and they have to put up their candidates. Last weekend, the Left chose its country list. 115 comrades came together, MOPO asked how this could be possible.

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Seating arrangements, masks and quick tests: This year everything went differently at the state representative assembly of the Left. 115 comrades were allowed to meet in the Wilhelmsburg community center, where there is usually space for up to 1,000 people. Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier online?

Left national spokesman: “It always has to be re-elected”

“An online election itself would not be binding, you always have to vote at the ballot box or by letter,” says Keyvan Taheri, state spokesman for the Hamburg Left Party for the MOPO. “To go to the ballot box, the members would have had to go to their district offices, a postal vote can again be contested. In the end this was the best solution. “

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Before the election, the party had drawn up a hygiene concept with 16 points. This contained rules of distance and hygiene, ventilation times and even regulations such as the provision of a “private lunch box” for the time of the meeting. “The community center has its own test center and we also set up our own test center before the meeting,” said Taheri.

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Hamburg Left choose their country list

In the end everything went smoothly. “Everyone present was very disciplined, we were even finished two hours earlier. That is otherwise rather unusual, ”says Taheri.

Member of the Bundestag and Hamburg party leader Zaklin Nastic was elected to first place on the list for the Bundestag election. The MP Deniz Celik made it to second place. Nuran Sarica landed in third place, Johan Graßhoff in fourth and Wiebke Haßelbusch in fifth.

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Bundestag election: These are the schedules of the Hamburg parties

The other Hamburg parties also still have to draw up their state lists. The FDP wants to meet digitally at the end of April. The SPD is expected to hold its next state party conference in May. The state party conference of the CDU is scheduled for mid-June.

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The Greens had recently postponed their party conference, which was planned for mid-April, to the end of May. “The reasons for this are the worsening corona situation and the extension of the lockdown until the date of the party conference,” it said in a message. It is still unclear whether the meeting will take place in attendance. The Greens in Schleswig-Holstein put their list online on Saturday.

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