Entry ban for Berliners to Hamburg?: Tschentscher has a clear opinion

Entry ban for Berliners to Hamburg?: Tschentscher has a clear opinion

The debate about risk areas within Germany is dividing politics. So far, the regulations in each federal state have been very different. Neighboring state Schleswig-Holstein has classified some Berlin districts as domestic risk areas – including quarantine requirements for those entering the country. Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) has now criticized such regulations.

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“We have never found travel restrictions between the national borders in Hamburg to be a good thing, because it’s just difficult,” said Tschentscher in the “ZDF-Morgenmagazin”. “It’s no use that you are not allowed to leave the hotspots – the big metropolises – in the surrounding areas if, conversely, people from the larger countries travel further to the metropolises, work there, go to clubs, bars and restaurants.” Also those arriving from Berlin districts are warmly welcomed in Hamburg. Tschentscher: “The pandemic will be decided in the metropolises”

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You have to concentrate on “keeping the virus in check, so to speak,” argued Tschentscher. “And that means: In the big metropolises, where there is a lot of virus activity, we have to take measures there so that the numbers go down.”

The mayor emphasized: “The pandemic will be decided in the metropolises.” Where many people live together in a small area, you have to get the pandemic under control. “The interdependence within Germany between the federal states, in the metropolitan regions, is so close that we cannot start there. It doesn’t help much.”

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Federal states are negotiating corona rules

Schleswig-Holstein in particular has recently come under criticism for the classification of some municipalities and individual Berlin districts as domestic “risk areas” with quarantine requirements for people entering the country. The regulation in Rhineland-Palatinate also has a similar effect. Both state governments were willing to compromise. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) called for quarantine rules in all countries to be as uniform as possible for travelers from areas with high domestic corona numbers. There should also be a switching conference of the heads of the state chancellery of the federal states this Wednesday. (dpa/abu).

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