Does Red-Green help Islamists join the NDR Broadcasting Council?

Does Red-Green help Islamists join the NDR Broadcasting Council?

More diversity in the NDR Broadcasting Council: That should be the goal of an application by the SPD and the Greens. Instead, Islamists could soon be sitting there: the city is to negotiate a state media treaty to ensure that SCHURA and DITIB are also represented on the supervisory boards of public broadcasting. The CDU and FDP are harshly critical.

“It is absolutely unacceptable and grotesque that the SPD and the Greens want to ensure that Islamists and anti-Semites are to control the NDR program in the future in the Broadcasting Council. Representatives of states in which freedom of the press is trampled underfoot cannot become controllers of the German media, ”says Dennis Gladiator, domestic policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group.

Does red-green bring Islamists to NDR broadcasting council?

The CDU welcomes social diversity in the Broadcasting Council – but not through “Islamists who have been observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution for years and are directly controlled by the Iranian mullah regime or are subordinate to the Turkish President Erdogan.” The CDU pointed out that DITIB is directly subordinate to the Turkish religious authorities , which has repeatedly attracted attention with anti-Semitic attacks. The Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH), an important institution of the Iranian mullahs’ regime, belongs to SCHURA.

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The SPD and the Greens warn against generalization. “A generalization of mosque communities with Islamists is poison for our society,” says Hansjörg Schmidt, media policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group. Green spokesman Farid Müller adds: “It is still not possible to predict which organizations will be in the event of an agreement with the three other state governments.” the governing parties do not rule it out either.

Hamburg: FDP criticizes the government parties’ proposal

The FDP takes the side of the CDU. “This is the worst kind of anticipatory obedience to institutions that are largely unconstitutional and anti-Semitic,” says FDP MP Anna von Treuenfels-Frowein. This must be stopped immediately by the SPD and the Greens if they do not want to be suspected of indirectly supporting extremist and anti-Semitic attitudes. (mhö).