Curfew and alcohol ban: Hamburg is threatened with a second lockdown

Curfew and alcohol ban: Hamburg is threatened with a second lockdown

Is Hamburg on the verge of a second lockdown? The city views the current incidence value with concern: 34.1. If it rises above 35, new restrictions threaten – this could have devastating effects, especially for the ailing catering industry. Economics Senator Michael Westhagemann (independent) therefore appealed to restaurateurs and guests on Wednesday.

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“We are approaching a situation that is increasingly worrying me,” said Westhagemann. “At 35 you have to look closely, the traffic light turns yellow.” Then you will have to discuss where strengthened rules of conduct will be included.

Hamburg’s corona numbers: curfews and alcohol bans are imminent

For example, a mask requirement in public buildings and changed rules for planned events are conceivable. Measures such as curfew hours, a ban on alcohol or a reduction in the number of guests in the catering trade could also follow. Football games are allowed to take place with a maximum of 1000 spectators.

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“The traffic light goes red when we exceed 50.” In this case, there would be neither a winter dome, nor Christmas markets or major events.

Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs warns of a second lockdown

Westhagemann said that many restaurateurs are already behaving in an exemplary manner. He clearly appealed to everyone else to follow the rules in the future. “It would be very sad for me to see if we had to take more measures here again and tell one or the other restaurateur that we are going into a second lockdown,” says Westhagemann.

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Dehoga President: “Disaster for the Industry”

“Another lockdown would be a disaster for the industry and would mean the end for many companies,” warned Franz J. Klein, President of the Hamburg Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga). The vast majority of businesses would abide by the rules. “I don’t think it’s appropriate what is sometimes heard, as if gastronomy were the main cause of the increase in the number of cases in the pandemic,” said Klein. “That’s definitely not the case, there are other areas.”

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Dehoga will now write to all around 1,500 member companies and ask them to commit themselves to complying with the rules. In addition, Dehoga’s advice will also be available to all other companies until further notice.