Cum-Ex: SPD in distress for dealing with Warburg donation

Cum-Ex: SPD in distress for dealing with Warburg donation

Popping champagne corks, raids on former SPD politicians, large donations from the Warburg Bank to the Social Democrats – the Cum-Ex affair keeps Hamburg politics on its toes. The received financial donations are a clear case for the parliamentary committee of inquiry, says the left. The party calls on the SPD to provide transparent and comprehensive information about the donations.

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Warburg is said to have transferred a total of 45,000 euros to the SPD in 2017 as donations. In the cash register of the Hamburg-Mitte district association alone, 38,000 euros are said to have ended up, the rest went to the regional association. With today’s knowledge “the donations should not have been accepted back then”, Finance Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD) admitted a few days ago.

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Cum-Ex: Left calls for more transparency from the SPD

For Norbert Hackbusch, this admission is far from being enough. Neither “the resolution on the further 38,000 euros donations from Warburg subsidiaries”, nor “the behavior of Andreas Dressel on the direct donation” has been clarified, said the left chairman in the investigative committee.

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Hackbusch asked Dressel whether it was right to accept the money “with the knowledge at the time about the allegation of tax robbery and about the searches at the bank”. The Left calls on the SPD to provide “comprehensive” information about the donations.

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It should be clarified when which donations went to the SPD, what the regional association knew and which people were present. The left also called on the Social Democrats to disclose the “reason, meaning, occasion and purpose” of the donations. You might also be interested in: Explosive statement on Cum-Ex: “The champagne corks popped in the bank”

“The party donations are obviously directly related to the lobbying work of the then Bundestag member Kahrs and the former Interior Senator Pawelczyk, who opened the door to the Senate for the Warburg Bank,” said Hackbusch. There is also a connection with the work of the committee of inquiry.