Cum-Ex: Prosecutor speaks of “dubious circumstances”

Cum-Ex: Prosecutor speaks of “dubious circumstances”

Her testimony was eagerly awaited in Hamburg: The Cologne Public Prosecutor Anne Brorhilker has been investigating the Cum-Ex scandal for years. On Friday, she testified before the parliamentary committee of inquiry. The committee should clarify whether leading SPD politicians like the then mayor Olaf Scholz had any influence on the tax treatment of the Warburg Bank by the tax office.

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Senior Public Prosecutor Brorhilker is very familiar with the cum-ex scene. With the deals, banks and investors can have taxes refunded multiple times, which have only been paid once. Brorhilker ensured, among other things, that the ex-chief representative of the Hamburg Warburg Bank has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for such deals.

Public prosecutor on Cum-Ex: “Can’t understand the decision”

As a reminder: Hamburg allowed possible additional tax claims against the Warburg-Bank of 47 million euros to become statute-barred in 2016 because tax evasion could not be proven. Another 43 million euros was only requested in 2017 after the Federal Ministry of Finance intervened. Brorhilker said in the committee that it was clear to her from the start that cum-ex deals were illegal. “I can not understand the decision,” she said about the non-reclaim of the millions, as well as the “hesitant attitude” towards the bank. You might also be interested in: Crass tax robbery: Hamburg is examining further cases – it is about half a billion

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At this point in time, many investigation results were already available: “The circumstances were completely dubious. I only know from the construction business that bogus invoices are written from private bank to private bank, ”said Brorhilker in the committee. And elsewhere: “I cannot imagine how one can assume that this is a serious business.”

Cum ex and politics: the public prosecutor is not allowed to testify

Was there political influence on the decisions of the tax office? The public prosecutor could not say anything about this because it “concerns ongoing investigations”. She was also unable to contribute anything to a few other points because, among other things, proceedings were still pending against the Hamburg tax officer responsible at the time. Start your day well informed: the MOPO news alarm clock delivers the most important news of the day from Hamburg and the north, from HSV and FC St.Scholz met several times in 2016 and 2017 with the bank co-owner Christian Olearius. There were already investigations against Olearius on suspicion of serious tax evasion. Scholz and Tschentscher have rejected any influence. The interviews in the committee of inquiry are expected to continue on December 17th ..

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