Corona summit: interruption after holiday dispute – these decisions are already in place

The lockdown continues – this decision was quickly made between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the state leaders at the Prime Ministers’ Conference. But shortly afterwards there were tough debates on the topics of holidays and Easter, and the summit was interrupted for several hours.

In view of the increasing numbers and the spread of virus mutations, everyone quickly agreed that the lockdown had to be extended. Otherwise, an “overburdening of the healthcare system as early as April” is likely. Because the British variant of the corona virus is not only more contagious, it also has a higher mortality rate. This is what it says in a draft decision from Monday afternoon that is available to the MOPO. But the details – they had it all again. The discussion continued late into the night.

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Prime Minister’s Conference: Debates about Easter, curfews and vacations

This time, the main topics of debate were Easter, curfews and vacations. The draft resolution had provided for a slight relaxation of the contact rules for visiting relatives over Easter, this idea is said to have been rejected during the summit. The three coastal states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony suggested that despite the high number of corona, citizens in this country should also be able to have a low-contact holiday over Easter, for example in holiday apartments with their own sanitary facilities. The Chancellor is said to have disagreed with this proposal.

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Decisions: what is known so far

“We decide today that we will comply with what we decided last time,” said a contrite Chancellor Merkel, according to participants, with a view to the “emergency brake”. According to information from “Bild”, there should have been a dispute over the Easter holiday. The summit was then interrupted for several hours.

The following information is known so far:

emergency brake

The draft decision once again states that the emergency brake should be implemented “consistently”. Individual districts and states have not adhered to it so far. Hamburg already pulled the emergency brake on Saturday. Emergency brake means: If the seven-day incidence rises to more than 100 on three consecutive days in a country or region, the rules that applied until March 7th will come into force again from the second following working day.Otherwise the facilities have to close. Schools and daycare centers must also close from a seven-day incidence of over 200 – with a few days’ notice to prepare for the families.

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Tests in companies

In the draft decision, the federal and state governments appeal to companies to offer their employees tests at least once, if possible twice a week. At the beginning of April, the business associations are to present an initial implementation report on how many companies are taking part. On this basis, the government wants to assess whether additional rules are necessary. Companies should continue to offer their employees the opportunity to work from home if possible.

In the last few days, fully occupied Mallorca flights had been discussed in public. The island is no longer considered a risk area. The federal and state governments had not yet come to an agreement on the subject of “domestic travel”. However, the federal and state governments continue to appeal to avoid non-essential travel at home and abroad.

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Anyone entering the country from a risk area currently has to register in the digital entry application. Quarantine is mandatory for a period of ten days after arrival. The quarantine can only be ended prematurely if the test is negative, at the earliest on the fifth day after entry. This does not apply to travelers coming from virus variant areas. A quarantine of 14 days must be observed here, since the variants often have a longer duration of infection.

According to the test logistics task force, all countries are sufficiently supplied with quick and self-tests for the months of March and April. Where a negative test is considered an access criterion, for example for a shave in a salon, according to the draft, vaccinated people should now also have access.

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retirement and nursing homes

According to the draft, hygiene and test concepts in retirement homes should continue to be observed. According to the government, it has not yet been clarified with certainty whether vaccinated people are also less infectious. Two weeks after the second vaccination, visits to facilities without an outbreak can be extended again. No distinction should be made between vaccinated and unvaccinated residents. New residents should receive vaccinations as soon as possible.