Corona summit: Companies should give employees at least two tests a week

Corona summit: Companies should give employees at least two tests a week

People who cannot work from home should test themselves for the corona virus twice a week in the future. They should get the tests from their employers, according to a draft resolution from the SPD-led countries, which is to be discussed at the Corona summit on Monday.

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“For comprehensive protection against infection, especially in the current phase of the pandemic, it is necessary for companies in Germany to make regular test offers to their employees who are present as a contribution to society as a whole,” says the paper, which is available to MOPO.

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Companies should give employees two tests a week

Employers should offer at least two quick tests per week to every employee who cannot work from home. The SPD-led states are calling on the federal government to create a framework so that employers can also issue test certificates.

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Corona tests at Hamburg schools

Hamburg’s schools will be testing themselves from Monday: students once a week, teachers three times. The tests are carried out with cotton swabs in the front of the nose. A total of around 480,000 self-test kits were delivered to schools for this purpose, said school senator Ties Rabe (SPD).

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