Corona in Hamburg: These resolutions apply after Merkel’s metropolitan conference

Corona in Hamburg: These resolutions apply after Merkel’s metropolitan conference

The corona numbers are rising steadily, which is why Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the mayors of the eleven largest cities in Germany made further decisions on Friday. The Chancellor once again appealed to young people in particular to comply with the rules. In Hamburg, a decision will probably be made early next week as to whether stricter measures need to be imposed.

If the incidence value exceeds 35 for more than three days, the people of Hamburg must expect the first tightening. The 7-day incidence shows the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over the past seven days. From an incidence value of 50, further measures follow. On Thursday the value for Hamburg was already around 36.1 on Friday it rose again to around 39.5. There were more than 120 new infections in the city on both days.

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Hamburg: These new corona rules can follow

As a consequence of the rising numbers, the Mitte district closed seven bars in the neighborhood on Friday until the end of November. The next tightening of the rules from a value of 35 over three days would include a mask requirement for all employees and customers in gastronomy and retail. In addition, a mask requirement at all events in closed rooms, in public buildings such as authorities and in busy public places.

Merkel: “Decisive days and weeks”

The Chancellor said that these days and weeks are decisive for how Germany is doing in winter. The aim must be to keep the numbers in a range in which every single infection can be tracked and every contact can be reached and warned.

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The primary goal is, if at all possible, not to shut down public life as much as was necessary in the spring. Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) had already said on Wednesday in the ZDF morning show: “The pandemic will be decided in the metropolises.”

New Corona rules: Merkel and the mayors decided that

– At the latest from 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, the Robert Koch Institute will send experts to the city at the request of the city to advise crisis management teams. This also applies to Bundeswehr experts.

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– From 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, there should be new restrictions immediately.The federal and state governments are discussing whether the federal and state police can also provide support.

– Protective measures in retirement and nursing homes, hospitals and facilities for the disabled should be adapted to the number of infections. The federal government ensures that the costs of regular rapid tests are borne by residents, patients, visitors and staff.

– If the increase in the number of infections is not slowed down by these measures within ten days, further restriction steps are planned to reduce public contacts.

Corona rules: Chancellor appeals to young people

Above all, Merkel appealed to young people to stick to the rules. She said on Friday in Berlin that young people might find restrictions on celebrations or a curfew excessive. But the Chancellor then asked whether it wasn’t worth having a little patience and thinking about family and grandparents. (dpa/abu).