Corona curve is rising: Hamburg is about to be further tightened

Corona curve is rising: Hamburg is about to be further tightened

With concern, Hamburg is looking at a number these days that decides the corona rules in the city: the incidence value. Otherwise it says: “Bye big football events and parties”. The MOPO explains what the value is all about and why we have to be particularly careful now.

The 7-day incidence shows the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over the past seven days. If this value exceeds the number 35, the Hamburgers must expect the first tightening. On Wednesday, that number stood at 34.1. Anything over 105 new infections would already bring about this value on Thursday. The number of new infections has risen twice in the last seven days to 112.

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Rising corona numbers: These tightenings are imminent

If the number reaches 35, football matches of FC St. Pauli or HSV, for example, can only take place with a maximum of 1000 spectators. As the German Press Agency reports, there could also be further restrictions in gastronomy in Hamburg from the 35 value.

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Similar to Berlin, bars and restaurants in Hamburg could soon have to close earlier in the evening. In addition, the ban on selling alcohol on weekends could also be extended to serving in restaurants. Hamburg’s incidence curve: From this point there are the next rule changes

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From a value of 50, private meetings would also have to be more strictly regulated again, said Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer on Tuesday after a Senate session. Hamburg reaches this value if there are 950 new infections within seven days. In the past seven days it was 648. However, a tightening of the rules in the catering trade must be expected before the incidence of 50 is reached if it is foreseeable that “it is only a matter of time before the mark is cracked”, explained Martin Helfrich, spokesman for the health authority.

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Mayor Tschentscher: Figures only serve as an indicator

“I’m not a friend of these numbers, my concern is that we limit the virus dynamics. That’s why we need an indicator for it,” said Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) in the “ZDF morning magazine”. But you shouldn’t be dogmatic about numbers, it’s about taking effective measures. “We have to focus on the virus, the virus behaves the same throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide.”

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